Core Kit Hi-hat Set-up Core Kit Hi-hat Mapping When it comes to MIDI drums, no other instrument is as challenging as the hi-hat to emulate. First off, the number of different sounds a hi-hat can make is staggering, and the way those sounds are accessed takes skill and coordination. Once set-up properly, the Core Kit hi-hats will come alive with all the sound and control one expects from the real thing. The Core Kit hi-hats have one limitation that the other instruments in the library do not have. Because of it's complexity the hi-hats will not function as expected if the articulations are re-mapped to something other than the default. Lets take a look at how the Hi-hats are laid out. The different areas of the hi-hat that can be struck are called articulations. MIDI information can be sent from a pedal, slider, or sequencer that changes the sound of those articulations. Pressed all the way down, all of the articulations sound tighter and shorter. As the pedal comes up the articulations become looser and longer. Now what is actually happening is that there are 9 different versions of each articulation, and the version to be played is dependent upon the position of the pedal or slider etc.