When using a MIDI drum controller, it is important to set it up so that it transmits it's information to your DAW on separate channels.  In keeping with our 6 instance scenario, we would set our MIDI

controller up like you see below.

The benefits of getting your MIDI performance in the box on separate channels will become obvious when it comes time to edit and mix your performance. The set up is more time consuming, but once achieved, it can easily be duplicated using templates in your DAW. At studio G. We usually start a session, and just import a set of tracks like you see here from a previous

session where the drums were already sounding close in style to what we are looking for.


We have all kinds of drummers coming in to play demos for the Core Kit and we are able to dial up kick ass sounds very quickly using these methods. With a MIDI performance recorded in this fashion, it gives you a more powerful set of editing and mixing capabilities than you would otherwise have.