Built from the ground up in 2000, Studio G was designed to be both a traditional recording studio, and a state of the art composing and production studio. The recording rooms feature non parallel geometry and custom acoustic panels that can be opened or closed by varying degrees, giving engineers plenty of natural ambiance options. This was a critical feature in the creation of the Core Kit, as for example, we used a slightly darker room ambiance when recording the cymbals than we did for the snare and toms. All the instruments were recorded in the same space in context, but this gentle tweaking of the room response gave us the ability to "sweeten" the sound for each instrument without changing mic and preamp settings. Additionally, when creating the impulse responses for the Core Kit, we went through 8 different room dampening set-ups, using 3 different mic perspectives to get 32 different "impressions" of the same room we recorded the kit in. Again, this is in the spirit of subtle variation which is one of the hallmarks of the Core Kit.


Here at Studio G, sources like vocals and guitars are usually recorded in the small room, as it has a very dry and natural room tone. When recording the Core Kit, the DW Cravitto snare and the Yamaha Custom Recording kick were recorded super dry in the small room, and then re-amped into the large room to capture the "overheads" perspective. This was done so that these particular instruments could be used in conjunction with the rest of the kit to create a much larger array of styles.