Most all of the mp3 demos and videos on this site that feature the Core Kit, where recorded using 6 instances of Kontakt with no other plugins activated in Pro Tools. This method seems a bit bloated at first glance, but when you consider how important each element is in a mix, 6 tracks for an entire set of drums isn't bad. We didn't use post processing on our demos so that you could hear the quality of the Core Kit and it's simple yet powerful set of internal sound shaping controls. That being said, it is incredibly easy to take this to the next level and start adding your own plugins and or analog signal paths to this set-up, and the sky is the limit. This method can be expanded by say, having a separate instance of Kontakt for each tom and or cymbal. Think that's crazy? I used to ride a moped! Lets look at some of advantages and challenges of using a multi instance set-up like the one we use here at studio G. Setting Things Up